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Storm Event, South Australia 18th and 19th of November 2003. Page 5

The cloud build up began earlier on the 19th than the 18th and was more intense.  There was substantial lightning activity during the day and I saw numerous cloud to ground strikes.  The cells that were generating this lightning were on a trough line and had moved well away to the east by the time it became dark enough to photograph them.  I had just about given up all hope of getting any photographs of lightning on the 19th when just before I was going to go to bed,  I noticed rapid build up of rain in spots on the radar and also sat pic too had indicated a group of cells rapidly forming on nightfall across the Eyre Peninsula.  I went for a drive out and initially only witnessed the odd distant CC but after about 10 minutes of waiting a couple of ripper CG's dropped out and so I went home and grabbed the camera.  Again the conditions werent great  (mostly strong wind) for lightning photography but I was still able to get some pictures.  This was taken on the same film as the previous page's photos, so these pictures too, suffer from the blue cast.  










This picture shows a bit of a wide view of the lightning activity that was occurring across the sky from the isolated small cells.

This is a view of some lightning from two of  the separate small cells - bit out of focus though.





I could have got some really good pictures of this storm, there was a number of bright cloud to ground strikes that shot through this cloud but it was blowing a gale and raining while that was happening.  Then when the wind and rain stopped so did the spectacular lightning and all I got was a couple of crappy CC illuminated shots.



This is a cool shot, the CG's are really smooth and rounded.  The main strike actually can be seen to hit the ground on the negative but the print didnt quite print the whole negative and then I cut a bit more off when scanning. 



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