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Storm Event, South Australia 18th and 19th of November 2003. Page 2

The death of the Kimba supercell allowed a storm complex to move in from the north west.  I was expecting storms to move in from a westerly direction.  The vantage point I had chosen had a great view to the west but in the northerly direction the view was obscured by the range of hills which runs along the north side of Whyalla.  I still got a few ok lightning photos.  Again, opportunities were limited because of outflow from the storms and rain patches.










I got a series of photographs like this one (see below) where the cloud is illuminated by cloud to cloud lightning in and just below the cloud, with the CG lightning obscured by the ranges and with a large amount of lens flare due to the lights in the foreground.  The exceptional humidity of the evening also made the light haze and subsequent lens flare worse.


(Sorry about the tilted horizon)





While this storm was closing in from the north there were some good but distant storms displaying their lightning out to the east across the Spencer Gulf and over the Flinders Ranges in South Australia's mid north region.




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