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Partial eclipse photos

View of partially eclipsed sun.  

Note all the cars parked down below us on the hill. Photograph by Melissa Ratzlaf.

A truck driving underneath the partially eclipsed sun.  You can see the lens flare in front of the truck trailer, notice its crescent moon shape, this is actually a picture of how eclipsed the sun was at this stage.  Photo by Melissa Ratzlaf.

The sky wasn't as dark as illustrated in this photo, but it was darker than usual.

This is a view of the landscape under the sunlight of the partial eclipse.  It looks like the light you get when the sun is setting, only difference in this case is that the sun was 3 hours away from setting. Photograph by Melissa Ratzlaf.

Partial eclipse light (plus viewer)

Purple Downs landscape under partial eclipse light.

A view in the early stage of the partial eclipse, once again the lens flare in the top left indicates how eclipsed the sun was.  In this case only about 50 percent eclipsed. Photograph by Melissa Ratzlaf.

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